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Rosy Eyebrow Threading

Henna Tattoo Design

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Best Henna Tattoo Design art in Las Vegas by Rosy Eyebrow Threading. Starting Price of $10 Only. Visit us today for an excellent Henna Tattoo.

Our henna tattoo designs expert have more than 10+ years of experience in Henna Designs in Las Vegas. If you have specific designs with you we can enclave that designs too. Being henna design and tattoo expert our technician has helped thousands of clients with complex  and beautiful designs too.

Most of our client does henna tattoo for special occasions like wedding, nigh touts, anniversary, and other family get together and functions.

We do henna tattoos in different parts of the body like; hand, foot, chest, neck, arms, belly thigh, sleeve, wrist and more.

Some of the most trending designs of henna tattoos are of flowers tattoo, sun tattoo, stars tattoo, zodiac signs tattoo (Horoscope tattoo).

Henna tattoos are temporary tattoos with the choice of your design and colors. Henna is used to make the tattoo in any part of your body. Henna Tattoos last for 3-4 weeks. Starting at $10. Book this service today. Pay now or pay at our store as per your design.

If you have any questions feel free to call or contact us at +17024854078

Some of the FAQ's for henna tattoo designs are:

Q. Tell me more about henna tattoo, this is my first time?

So, most of our clients are first timers who are doing henna tattoo designs and they are bit confused and hesitant. Henna tattoos is the temporary body art method where we apply henna applicator bottle or henna cone to the skin with artistic design as per clients request. Henna cone or the henna applicator is made with the mixer of henna powder or henna plant with coffee or water. 

Q. How long does henna tattoo last?

Typical duration of henna tattoo to last when applied to your skin or body is 8-10 days. This duration is totally dependent on other factors like, skin condition, your skin washing cycle, and the quality of the henna applied. If you wash you henna applied area quite frequently then henna design will fade away pretty soon. And also if your skin is dry it will fade away faster, so try to keep your henna design area moist. 

Q. How safe is Henna Tattoos?

Check the ingredients if the henna. The organics henna made with natural henna powder are safe to use whereas other henna cones and applicator are made with additives so please check the ingredients before applying it. We here at Rosy Eyebrow Threading use natural henna so that the durability of your henna designs are more with quality henna tattoo.

Q. How can I remove the Henna Tattoo?

Henna tattoos itself are temporary and will fade away in 8-10 days like mentioned earlier. If you want it to be removed ASAP! you can use scrub, soap and warm water. You can try washing it in every couple of hours if it didn't go right away.

If you have any questions regarding henna designs, henna tattoos or anything related to henna feel free to reach us at 702 485 4078.